Our purpose is based on our belief that behind our commitments is an understanding of the possibilities to raise the standards of living. We hold an infinite sense of responsibility and respect for mankind by focusing on our core elements of design, quality, affordability, and community.


To create exceptional developments that raise the standards and the value of living for our customers by harmoniously blending exclusive quality and efficiency through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers within economical ranges.
To become a trusted lifetime partner with our customers. We will bring a new prospective to real-estate development through innovative solutions based on the community needs and with our diverse team we will provide responsible development to our community while achieving stability and security for now and future generations.


Whether it is a new concept development or promoting an existing concept, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment. We aim to elevate and transform the living trends by raising the standards for the real estate development in the region. We will exert our maximum effort, allocate available resources, and utilize our knowledge to secure the goal of obtaining and creating socially and financially responsible projects, making an economical and innovative development become a reality.


Development - Lifestyle Developers is a full-service development company driven by a diverse and talented professional team with a combined knowledge of all phases of the development process. Through our developments, we have established long-standing relationships with the community. These relationships have positioned Lifestyle Developers as the preferred, upcoming and internationally acclaimed real estate developers that raise the standards for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.


Acquisition & Reposition - Lifestyle Developers' acquisition strategy is based on superior knowledge of the MENA region. We are well positioned to capitalize on opportunities. We quickly analyze and close transactions - a critical capability in today's market. We are characterized by our ability to perceptively select project locations, and superior market knowledge.