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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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568 Alzahra Residences is a ten unit residential development in the heart of Jeddah witha total built-up area of 3,125 square meters, developed with the goal to create a modern design that respects the culture in Saudi Arabia as well as promotes a higher standard of living for the community, introducing modern designs and innovations as part of a turn-key the solution that will enhance their day to day lives. Targeted to middle-income professionals, the design includes several key features that set it apart from other developments in the region. It was crucial to the design to provide residents a lobby and concierge, access control to each residential each floor, and a covered access controlled garage, features which are not commonplace in residential buildings in the region. Another key feature and design criteria were to maximize privacy by providing private entrance foyers, allowing residents to feel more secure in terms of safety and privacy. A design criterion of each unit was to create a balance between an open and modern floor plan and the traditional and often private way of living in the region, and by using the floor to ceiling sliding doors in key areas of the apartment, it allows for flexibility based on living needs. When left open, the doors are concealed and unobtrusive, allowing residents to maximize use of all areas, providing a much more spacious plan and enhanced the experience. When residents require separated entertaining space with respect to culture needs, it can be easily accommodated by closing the sliding doors. Many home owners in the region love the idea of having open kitchens that enhance family interactions, however the problem of heavy cooking in the area often leads to closed kitchens, and homes with many closed off rooms. Through use of the floor to ceiling sliding doors, kitchens can be fully closed or open depending upon individual daily preferences, increasing the standards of living and quality of life. An additional major element of the design was to allow an operable louver system that wouldprovide residents with a dynamic living experience, allowing them to adjust the louvers based on the level of privacy or natural light desired. This allows for a dynamic fa├žade, as it is constantly changing and reflects the individual users.


Specification of unit

  • Entrance Foyer
  • Living Room, Dining Room, Salon and Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Bathroom
  • Bedrooms
  • Doors
  • A/C
  • Aluminum and Glazing

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